A less-cash economy is a key step in the path to becoming a developed nation.

Take the pledge of minimising cash transactions in the next 30 days and of educating others around you to adopt electronic payment modes. And contribute towards the transformation of our nation!


Housing Society/School/Others


Gate Criteria
  • Institutions include Schools, Housing Societies and Others.
  • To open a relationship with ICICI Bank, setup an Eazypay web interface or Eazypay mobile app during the 30-day challenge and earn 1000 points.
  • Activate* your Eazypay web interface or Eazypay mobile app and earn 2000 points.
  • Earn additional 20 points on every subsequent transaction.
  • Minimum 50% of the revenue collected should be through non-cash channels.

*Activation criteria –Carry out a minimum of 500 transactions of at least ₹500 per transaction