A less-cash economy is a key step in the path to becoming a developed nation.

Take the pledge of minimising cash transactions in the next 30 days and of educating others around you to adopt electronic payment modes. And contribute towards the transformation of our nation!


About Programme

30-day Live Without Cash Challenge is about you inspiring yourself towards setting a benchmark and enabling others to walk the path for a better India. The movement involves you taking the 30-day Live Without Cash Challenge, where you will minimise/eliminate cash transactions. You will also reach out to all those who need your support and inspiration in embracing the digital way of life. This is your greatest opportunity to walk that crucial step which could herald the transformation of India as a less-cash and developed nation.

And to get you going on this noble cause, the winner of this challenge gets to visit Belgium-France, the world’s leading less-cash economies. Also there are more exciting awards to be won.

So, take the challenge today and inspire others.

Click here to take the challenge or give a Missed Call on 1800-3000-9500.

Programme Period

The Programme period is from December 16, 2016, 15:00 Hours to January 31, 2017, 23:59 hours and the participants can register anytime during this period.

Programme Details
  • The Programme is open for all individuals above the age of 18 years. It is also open for Families, Corporates, Merchants and Institutions.
  • The criteria to live without cash will be different for different categories - Individuals, Families, Corporates, Merchants and Institutions.
  • The participant may or may not be an ICICI Bank customer. For a prospective customer to participate, he/she has to download ICICI Bank’s digital wallet, Pockets and transact on it.
  • The participant can register anytime during the Programme period.
  • The challenge period will be for 30 days and will commence from the date of registration of the participant in the Programme period.
  • The participants need to live without cash, use electronic modes of payments during the challenge period and inspire others to do the same. They can earn points by doing so.
  • There is a compulsory gate criteria to be completed by all the participants (except for Corporates) or it will lead to disqualification.
  • There is no upper limit cap for the points that can be earned by the participants.
  • The last day of the challenge period will be March 2, 2017.
Who can participate in the Programme?

  1. Existing ICICI Bank customer holding any one of the following:
    • Savings Account (Individual / Salary / Family Banking)
    • Current Account (Merchant/Housing Society/School/Other Institution/Corporate)
  2. Non ICICI Bank customers (Individual / Salary) can also participate by downloading, activating and transacting on Pockets (ICICI Bank’s digital wallet).